The format of the group is that everyone can come together for lunch, refreshments and chat; then the youngsters all go downstairs and do fun activities whilst the adults stay upstairs.

All attendees are either foster carers, adopters or kinship carers in Worcestershire with no professionals there, such as social workers, so it is very much a relaxed family event for all members of the family.

Fostering in Worcestershire supports Home For Good and their support group and the two have built up a good working relationship.

Richard Proctor, Chairman of H4G Worcestershire, said: “In the past two years it has been a pleasure to support and work with Worcestershire County Council and we have been delighted with the success of the project.

“The recent event was a huge success and both the adults and children enjoyed themselves. We are seeing growing numbers each time and anticipate it becoming a regularly attended group.”

While the children play, the adults welcome the opportunity to openly discuss issues and their own personal experiences.

Richard adds, “Home for Good believe that the Church can make a difference and actively encourages families to provide loving homes for children in care.”

At the event on 14th July, there was a guest speaker Nicola Marshall from Braveheart Education, which educates and assists those living or working with looked after children/adopted children.

The next support group will be on the 20th October at Freedom Church, Worcester and all carers and adopters are welcome.

Worcestershire Fostering value the significance of the local faith communities and seek to build on the relationships formed and develop new openings where possible.

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